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I've done my final project—still have to make a powerpoint to accompany my presentation tomorrow though—so I decided to take a break for a moment just to share... my 3CE haul! This is probably gonna be a short post since I still have to study for this afternoon's English debate class.

Let me tell you what happened before this haul began. So, on Friday 30 May 2014, I went to Somyeon with my friends in order to take a look at the infamous Style Nanda which just opened (recently? I don't really know actually, but it's kinda new). I used some testers, fell in love with the products, but the price broke my heart right away. Then I said to my friend: "I'm gonna buy this when it's sale." But my friend said, "Style Nanda never held any sale, Gab." I didn't say anything after that and after lurking around Somyeon a little bit, I went home. The moment I stepped into the dormitory... guess what?

"Style Nanda is having a 50% sale!"—seriously it was too hectic that I forgot who informed me this glorious information.

"I just got back from the store but I didn't see any sale." I said.

"Only online store gives 50% discount from 7PM to 10PM. It's part of their anniversary."

Sooo.... yeah~ apparently what I said came true so I bought some... if only I already got a job and earned my own money, I would probably buy a lot more than these. But I cut my food money for these :( I'm going on a forced diet because of this hahaha~

My first 3CE products~~~~

I felt that my pictures were boring so I drew my mascot, marshmallow man!

Basically, these 7 items are in the first round. I just ordered a creamy lipstick yesterday so the item is not coming yet. I really wanted to try their Glossing Waterful Foundation #natural ivory so I bought one. Then a Glossing Waterful Concealer #1, Lip Lacquer #XX Orange, 3CE Face Glow #Bondi Beach, and 3 Nail Lacquer. I am going to review all of these after my final exam, one by one and slowly. (◕‿◕✿)

They gave me an extra small nail lacquer because my friends and I bought a lot of things!

Nail lacquer #BE04

I tried the nail polish as soon as the product came ♥ It is so pretty! Best buy ever!

This one is not 3CE but I'm very happy that finally my phone change it's case. I've never had a phone case this pretty before. Usually I only used a jelly case. I've been wanted to have a *chira-chira* *pika-pika* case like this! (●´∀`●)

There had been a lot of drama when my friend and I bought 3CE during sale. Style Nanda apparently didn't seem very prepared to receive such a huge order (it's Style Nanda after all, everyone wants to have it) that the website got a lot of error and the package came very late (but it's okay, I forgive you Style Nanda! just gimme more sale like this in the future!^^) which made me worry a little. Thank you Jessica and Filia for helping me ordered these! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

P.S. All of the pictures are drawn and taken by me. DO NOT use my Marshmallow Man in any other places, pictures, works, etc.

See you all in the next adventure!

Gabriela Tio.


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